Why should you have a religious wedding in France ?

A religious wedding is a special blessing that takes place in a wonderful atmosphere. For this, it is important to choose a good destination. France is the destination that will make your wedding exceptional. Read this article to discover the advantages of having a church wedding in France.

What are the advantages of having a church wedding in France?

There are several advantages to having a church wedding in France. For more information, please consult an important site. Your religious wedding will be celebrated by an English-speaking minister or priest. According to your recommendations, the priest will lead an intimate celebration. At the end of the celebration, you will be presented with a beautiful marriage certificate that attests to your solemn union.

In addition, you will receive a personalised bouquet of flowers. Because in France, there are very reputable florists who create perfect wedding flower bouquets. To keep beautiful memories of your wedding, there are photo sessions in several romantic places. Depending on your request, you can get a video of the celebration to immortalise this wonderful moment. If you have been dreaming of a luxury vehicle for a long time, your transportation will be provided by this luxury vehicle.

Some important information about religious weddings in France?

In France, religious weddings do not have a legal value, but rather a spiritual value. Since it has to be celebrated by the civil authorities to obtain a legal value. However, before the celebration of the religious marriage, you must complete some formalities. First, you must provide a copy of your civil marriage certificate. It is enough to have a civil marriage in your country to obtain the civil marriage certificate. It is this certificate that proves that you are legally married. Without it, you cannot celebrate your religious marriage in France.

After this first formality, you must then provide your baptismal certificate. As Christians, you belong to a religious community, and it is your baptismal certificate that proves this. Finally, whether it is a Protestant or Catholic wedding, you must do it in a church and not in the open air.