When can a notary be called in?

The notary is a legal actor who must be consulted in the event of a property sale or purchase or for a marriage contract. However, these are not the only cases in which a notary can be called in. There are several other cases, and if you have never heard of them, here are some for you.

In the event of the settlement of the estate or the reading of a will
It is well known that the notary is of great importance when it comes to the settlement of an estate. There are several reasons why a person should contact a notary. Click here https://www.quotes-and-facts.com/ find out more. Whether it concerns real estate or other property, it is necessary to draw up certificates of real estate ownership which only the notary can delegate because of his authority and function.

A will is a document in which a person notifies the succession of his or her property to family members or close friends. Due to the sensitivity of this document, it is important that a public authority is present at the time of reading, hence the notary.

In the event of a family dispute over property
It often happens that in the case of the division of inherited property, a family is confronted with conflicts between members. In these circumstances, calling in an elder to resolve the problems will not be enough. Since it is a division of family property, it is important to contact a notary to resolve the situation.
Even if the property allocation process has not been declared to a notary beforehand, it is important to know that the notary has the necessary skills to settle such situations. For this purpose, it is important to invite all the people involved in the conflict and other witnesses in order to have a favourable and legal outcome to all the notary's interventions.