What are the rules of Mines game ?

Mines game is an interesting game for many people because of its reliability. This game has a lot of functionalities to attract more gamers. In addition, you can obtain a lot of money if you win regularly, and it is easy to withdraw the money by a bank or any other option. However, before playing this game, it is important to know how its rules and respect them. Otherwise, you can lose many parts and don’t have the opportunity to withdraw money. Then, here are the rules of Mines game. 

The Rule for Choosing the Number of Mines

In this game, you can find generally 3 mines that you must avoid. But mines jogo can give you the opportunity to choose the number of mines you want. That is the first rule you must respect. It is important to know that the number of mines that the gamer can choose will not be more than 10. So, all the gamers must respect this limit before playing the game. However, it is good to use the 3 mines if you are a new player in order to try the game and know its functions. Generally, the persons who choose a high number of mines are those who are very performant in Mines game. They can easily obtain winnings even though the number of mines is high. 

Guess Where the Stars Are Located 

The Mines game consisted of guess where the stars are located. That is the second rule to win. You must detect the different cases that contain the stars, and that can be very difficult if the number of mines is high. Then, the gamer must be very proud and use his intelligence to know if there is a star in one case. In addition, you must pay very attention in this game because there are some cases that contain mines. Those mines don’t help to make winnings. So, it is very important to develop a good strategy in this game in order to guess where the stars are located in the game. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask for the help of another gamer that can easily detect the stars. 

Avoid Mines So as Not to Lose 

If you want to make a lot of winnings in Mines game, you must avoid mines. That is another rule that you must respect. In effect, when you choose a case that contains a mine, that means that you lose directly. If the number of mine is chosen, you won’t have the opportunity to continue playing. That is the reason why it is very important to avoid them when you are guessing the location of the stars. The gamer must use its performance and develop all his guessing capacity. 
The Number of Stars Guessed Determines Your Winnings
When you guess more stars, you will obtain more winnings; That is the functioning of Mines game. Then, it is important to choose only the cases that contain stars in order to gain. In effect, the number of stars guessed determines your winnings, and you must do all your possible to obtain a lot of stars. Then, you can take profit from this rule and make a lot of money by playing Mines game. However, it is not warned to choose all the cases in the same moment.