The role of the welding mask

Welding is an art, but the operation is far from simple since it involves the use of materials at a high temperature. Faced with this, it is essential to think about protecting yourself by getting adequate protective equipment such as a welding mask. Very practical, it will be of great use to you.

An excellent protective equipment

The welding mask is an essential protective accessory when carrying out welding. Indeed, it allows you to protect your eyes against infrared, heat rays as well as UV. The latter can damage the eyes but also cause burns to the skin. The mask also protects you from gas emissions, rubbish, dust and iron splinters, which can also be dangerous to health.
This protective equipment is usually chosen according to the degree of heat and glare in the workshop. To find out more about welding equipment, follow the link.

The different types of welding mask

There is a wide variety of welding masks on the market but there are two categories. There are the solid welding masks which are lightweight models, designed in glass and thermoplastic. They filter light to protect your eyes and can be used during flame welding. The passive welding mask comes in two models. One is a kind of screen with a handle to hold. The other, more practical one, is a swivel mask that completely envelops your head and is secured by a headband.
On the other hand, there are active masks which ensure good breathing in the face of toxic fumes. They are exclusively intended for electric arc welding (MMA, TIG, MIG-MAG).
The welding mask must be flexible, light and strong.