The advantages of having a general secretariat in your company

For a company to be competitive, it must have a variety of positions within it, which must be filled by professionals. This is how the position of general secretary is identified in companies. It is occupied by a person with secretarial skills. Find out in this article the advantages of having a secretary in your company.

Supervision and preparation of the minutes of shareholders' meetings

The presence of a company secretary plays an important role in the development of the company, see My Business In Asia for more information. Indeed, the secretariat is considered to be the engine of an administration. It is responsible for taking the minutes of all company meetings. The secretary-general accompanies the head of the company in all his or her movements because he or she acts as a spokesperson. He is the one who informs the members of the company of all the news related to the company. When the manager wants to attend a congress or a meeting with the shareholders, the secretary assists him. He or she takes the minutes of the various decisions made at the meeting. In certain circumstances, the company secretary leads the meetings when authority is delegated to him/her.

Reminders of the deadlines for the various activities

For the smooth running of a company, there are tasks entrusted to the various people in the company. A deadline is therefore attached to each task to ensure that it is carried out in good conditions. To ensure that the deadline is met, the secretary general is responsible for reminding all the members without distinction. Similarly, the annual reports that the company must present to its partners are the responsibility of the secretary general. He/she is responsible for ensuring that everyone meets the deadline and for applying the necessary pressure to ensure that the expected result is achieved.

Ensuring that all company documents are up to date

Every company must be in order to operate legally. Thus, letters are sent to the company demanding compliance documents at the risk of closing the company's doors. For this reason, the company secretary makes sure that all these documents are up to date. If any are missing, he takes the necessary steps to enable the company to obtain them.