Some key reasons for learning English

In an increasingly interconnected world, mastery of the English language has become essential. Whether in the professional or private sphere, you will inevitably need to express yourself in English. With this in mind, it's important to understand a few things about the language. Here are some of the reasons why you should start learning English.

The language of global communication

English has become the language of global communication, playing an essential role in international exchanges. Whether in business, politics, the media, science or education (for exemple, the numbers in french 1-100), English is omnipresent.

As an international language, English facilitates interaction between people of different nationalities and cultures. With these characteristics, it enables you to overcome language barriers whatever situation you find yourself in. So, whether you're traveling, on business or simply chatting online, mastering English enables you to communicate with people from all over the world.

Not only that, it's also the most widely used language for disseminating information on a global scale. Indeed, most scientific publications, journals and articles are written in English. What's more, the most renowned and experienced scientists usually express themselves in this language.

In fact, you have access to this knowledge and stay up to date on the latest advances in various fields. This gives you the opportunity to contribute actively to international debates and discussions. English is also predominant in the media and entertainment.

Many films, TV series, songs and books are produced in English, enabling a global audience to enjoy them. By mastering English, you can take full advantage of this vast range of cultural and artistic content.

Improved professional opportunities

The most important thing you need to know is that mastering English opens professional doors. In many industries, knowledge of English is an essential criterion for getting a job or advancing in one's career.

What's more, many international companies demand that their employees speak English. In principle, this facilitates exchanges with foreign customers and partners. In short, when you learn English, you increase your chances of getting a good job.

Access to many different cultures

In literature, film, music, art or even archaeological and historical investigations, English is the most widely used language. With its universal character, this language makes it possible for anyone to become acquainted with these data.

So by learning English, you can explore and fully appreciate English-speaking culture. For example, you can :

  • read classics of English literature ; 
  •  watch films and TV series in their original version ; 
  •  understand the lyrics of English songs.

This enriching cultural immersion broadens anyone's perspective and appreciation of different forms of artistic expression.

Ease of travel

English is often considered a universal language for travelers. In many countries, when you're on vacation in an English-speaking country, you can manage to :

  •  ask for directions ; 
  • book accommodation ; 
  • order a meal ; 
  • etc.

Basically, when you have a good level of English, you'll feel more at ease when you're on the move.

Developing cognitive skills

Learning a new language, like English, stimulates your brain and improves your cognitive skills. In fact, studies have shown that people who speak several languages have a better memory and a greater attention span than anyone else.