Plastic Permatex welding machine: characteristics and method of use

The Permatex Plastic welder is a good adhesive for the durable and efficient joining of objects such as wood and plastic materials. Find out in this article about the characteristics and method of use of this welder.

What are the features of the Plastic Permatex welding machine?

The first unique feature of the Plastic Permatex sealer is its appearance. It has a creamy appearance. As you can see from this website, this product is also water resistant. Surface moisture does not affect it, making it suitable for bonding leaking water tanks and quarries. It can be used underwater, but in large quantities.

The Plastic Permatex welder has a high bonding strength, which allows the desired result to be achieved in 8 minutes. In addition, it is recommended for the repair of vehicle parts that require bonding. Finally, this product is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can work at any temperature (low or high). For its use, it is necessary to know well what to do.

How to use the Plastic Permatex sealer?

Before starting to apply this product, make sure that the area you are going to work on is properly protected by following the safety protocol in the user manual. Then clean the surface with a clean cloth or foam to remove any dirt, including moisture and oil. Using sandpaper or another equivalent abrasive, roughen the surface of the operating area. This will make it easier to use. Then, remove the packaging, take out the syringe and cut the nozzles with a sterilised cutting tool to ensure your safety.

Press the plunger to squirt the product and mix thoroughly for 4 minutes on a clean surface until coloured. Apply a small amount to all parts and surfaces to be bonded and wait. When finished, close the nozzle and store it properly.