Everything you need to know about setting up a company in Germany

The creation of a company is a delicate project. To be able to materialize it, it is important to carry out certain steps. Between the administrative and legal paperwork a clarification on the subject is necessary. In this article you can read the different steps to be respected to materialize your company.

Steps to set up a company

The establishment of a company is conditioned by very strict steps. If you are planning to set up your company in Germany, you should read this article. Otherwise, you can view it globally on this site. Let's start with identifying the kind of structure you want to create. In fact, each type of company has its own potential and disadvantages. So depending on your objectives, you can choose your type of business. Then you define the name of the company according to the norms of the country. Then you register the company at the trade office. Don't forget to apply for a tax number. The next step is to apply for either a license or a permit depending on the structure of your company. After that, proceed to open a bank account and register for health insurance and social security. Finally, hire an accountant for professional monitoring of your finances. Another commitment to make is to hire a lawyer. What is the purpose of an attorney in starting a business?

The importance of a lawyer in business formation

There are several legal statuses of companies. Among the list, there are foreign companies, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices. Opting for a collaboration with a lawyer is useful during the creation and evolution of the company. The lawyer brings his expertise for the choice of the status. He also helps you to assemble and submit your files to the various guardianship offices. He also assists you by providing advice on the financing of the project.