EU boss admits to commission failure on vaccine rollout

The head of the EU has admitted the failings of the commission in delivering COVID-19 vaccines. She said they were too confident and trusted vaccine firms. 

EU failed members in Covid-19 supply 

According to EU commissioner Von Der Leyen, they have failed in getting vaccines to nations affected quickly. She also mentioned that the commission was late in approving COVID-19 vaccines as they are still not where they should be. She has also accepted that they have been mostly overconfident about supplies and the development of the vaccines. 

Apologizing to member nations for delays at vaccine factories, she said the commission worked with pharmaceutical firms to hasten collection. The EU leaders have come under heavy criticism for their shoddy approach to vaccine supply to EU nations. This is because the bloc members believe they have received fewer vaccines than countries like the UK who have vaccinated more than 13 million.

Bulk supply was the best and cheapest decision 

But, Mrs. Leyen said that getting vaccines on behalf of the bloc was the right decision.

Meanwhile, developers of the AstraZeneca vaccines have said it is working with a German firm, IDT biologika, to increase EU nations' supply. Due to production issues, Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford firms have shifted supply dates of some European countries, which has caused so much problem. 

'' The commission was sluggish to give the go-ahead for vaccines and are too optimistic everything will work smoothly. We didn't envisage production issues as we had the utmost trust in pharmaceutical capacity. '' 'The EU president stated. 

''We were too confident about the orders, we thought they would be gotten on time. '' 

She said that getting the vaccines as a group was the best decision and that individual order would have been more expensive.  The EU has been the most hit continent after the US; however, despite ordering vaccines ahead of time, they have not gotten their desired quota.

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