Compress your images or photos online: how to do it?

Nowadays, technology has provided us with very good smartphones with extraordinary capabilities. But when you take pictures with these smartphones and want to publish them on the internet, it becomes heavier. In some cases this weight can be an obstacle. This is why it is important to know how to reduce the size of a photo on the internet. More here.

Image compression: what is it?

The images taken by our smartphones are often too heavy to be used in certain digital fields. Therefore, we need to compress our images so that they are useful to us anytime and anywhere. This is why the image compression application was created to meet our needs. This application is useful in that it helps reduce the redundancy of image capabilities. This allows it to be stored without taking up too much space.More information on
There are two different ways to do image compression: the one that is done with loss of data and the one that is done without any loss of data. The second way is the most popular and the most used, because it gives clarity to the photo. Unlike that which is done with data losses. Even if it degrades the quality of the photo, it still allows the photo to be sent over low bandwidth networks.

Why compress images / photos?

To upload a photo, the space capacity that it can occupy would have to be reasonable. Because that can quickly become an obstacle. So there are several reasons that lead to compress a photo. We can cite :
Save storage capacity: If it's just a single photo, the problem does not arise yet. But when it comes to several, you immediately realize the weight.
File size: If the size of your photo exceeds a donation capacity, it is difficult to send it by some Google tools such as e-mail.