China suspends BBC from broadcasting in China

The Chinese media regulation authority has banned BBC from broadcasting in the country. This seems like a retaliation action from Beijing. 

Chinese agency suspends BBC from airing into China 

The Chinese authorities have stopped the media giant from streaming news into the country, according to the management of radio and television. The Chinese have slammed the BBC for its false reporting about the country about the virus and its continuous fake reporting that China is persecuting the Uighur Muslims.

The BBC management has said this latest decision was 'sad' and 'unexpected.' This news to be a reprisal when British new management Ofcom stopped the China Global Television Network's license from broadcast in Britain. This act by the regulator was done after it was recognized as illegally owned by Star China Ltd. 

It was also found out that CGTN breached media rules in 2020 by airing a confession by a British citizen, Mr. Humphrey. According to the statement, the Chinese regulatory body said that BBC News about Chinese were very wrong and 'gravely violates' their terms and conditions.

BBC highly disappointed by China's decision 

It further opines that if such acts were left unattended, it could affect China's interest negatively. Although BBC has applied to the air for an extra year, the Chinese regulator said such would be rejected. A BBC statement reads' This media firm is highly disappointed that China has taken such a decision.

'' The BBC remains the best media service in the world, and this is because of the work all members of the staff put into their jobs. Our numerous international awards speak for us as we give news as it breaks without sentiment or bias. ''  

The US has said the latest act by the communist regime in China shows the Chinese biases towards free speech. Relations between the UK and China have worsened over the Chinese domination of Hong Kong.