All about hotel rating criteria

Customers always look at the number of stars before choosing a hotel. This is quite normal, because this is the only way to assess the quality of service and comfort. However, it is important for hoteliers to know all the necessary classification criteria for their property. This guide will show you what these factors are.

How can I get a rating?

To help hoteliers better manage their resource and gain popularity, a new classification has been introduced: the "zero" category has been removed from the list and merged with the "one star" category. To obtain a classification, it is necessary for the manager, or hotelier, to request an inspection of his hotel in order to obtain the number of stars corresponding to the quality of service, performance and comfort. This task is usually performed by private inspection companies. The new reform also stipulates that the number of stars can only be awarded for a limited time: five years.

What are the mandatory evaluation criteria for each category?

The 240 criteria set by the new reform are intended to generally determine the level of service and comfort of each hotel. On this basis, the number of stars can be awarded and maintained. Currently, hotels are rated from 1 to 5 stars: 

  • 1 star : Hotels in this category must offer a minimum level of comfort: one or more double rooms of at least 9 sq. m. with private or shared bathrooms.
  • 2 stars : Hotels in this category must offer double rooms of 9 to 30 m². Front desk staff must be on duty for at least 10 hours a day. 
  • 3 stars : The minimum size of a double room in this type of hotel is 13.5 m². In addition, the hotel must have a common area of more than 30 m². The reception desk must be open at least 12 hours a day.
  • 4 stars : The total area of bathrooms and double rooms must be 16 m². The total floor area must be 70 m². In addition, the hotel must have at least 30 rooms and a reception desk with staff working 12 hours a day.
  • 5 stars : The allowable floor area must be 90 m² for public rooms and 24 m² for double rooms. Luxury hotels must have at least 30 rooms available 24 hours a day.