President Joe Biden stops Trump's border wall funding

The Biden administration has blocked the construction of the wall in the southern area of America. This is to do a comprehensive review of all funds spent on the project by the Trump administration. 

Biden stop Border wall, ordered by Donald Trump 

The US president has changed the policy of the former president to fund the border wall. This was contained in a letter to the US Congress yesterday. He said the funding was 'unnecessary' and 'wasteful,' and no money should be spent on such a plan. 

In 2019, President Trump declared a state of emergency on the border in the southern region, and he made an order to use army funds to construct a wall to stop this nemesis. After he left, about $26 billion was spent and used for the wall project. This stopping of the order is among a series of rescinded policies the new president has done on Mr. Trump's legacy. 

Just last month, President Biden signed a declaration asking migrant families to unite, and he immediately ordered an investigation into the ex-president immigration policies. Also, he said he would ask an independent inquiry to review all capital spend or appropriated to the building of the wall.

Border wall, part of Trump election promises

Mr. Donald Trump promised to build a wall once he got elected in 2016, a pledge he fulfilled. Though the Democrats argued against the bill, the order went ahead to construct the wall. The wall consists of many fencing kinds totaling about 656 miles (ca. 1,056 km) have been on the ground before President Trump's administration in 2016.

During his administration, about 82 miles (ca. 132 km) of new barriers have been constructed. However, Democrat from Arizona, Paul Grijalva, said Trump never had the intention to secure the region, but it was done for ego reasons.

He is happy that the Biden administration has canceled the plan and asked for a thorough audit into the whole process. But former Trump aide Jason Miller has chided President Biden saying 'he loves illegal migration.'