Instagram suspends Robert Kennedy because of false coronavirus post

A close family of J. F Kennedy has been removed from Facebook. He has been accused of spreading false data about COVID-19 vaccines. 

Robert Kennedy suspended from Facebook 

A top social network, Instagram, has removed Kennedy Jr's account for making unsubstantiated claims about COVID-19 and vaccines. Robert, who is a nephew to John F Kennedy, has, unfortunately, had his account banned for consistently sharing fake information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, his Facebook and Twitter accounts are still operational despite claims they have been suspended. Claims which include saying legend baseball start Hank Aaron died of the COVID-19 vaccine has been heavily frowned upon. Facebook mentioned a new policy that gives it the right to ban, suspend, or remove any fake claims about the vaccine. 

Mr. Robert Kennedy also claims that the vaccines caused Asians to reject vaccinations without providing proof. He is an environmentalist whose father was a former US Attorney General. He also chairs a group called the Children's health center. Robert has been known to campaign against immunization of measles and chickenpox after an outbreak in the US. 

He has a reputation for spreading false information on coronavirus vaccines 

He spoke in December at a meeting for a group known to spread false vaccination news. Robert Kennedy has always been present in anti-lockdown presentations with videos streamed across several countries. However, last year, a close family member Kerry Kenney has debunked Robert's assertion saying,'' All vaccines are necessary and safe ''.

Instagram states that his account is a crucial avenue of sharing false information about the coronavirus and vaccines. However, his Facebook, which has about 400,000 friends, remains unaffected to date.

Critics of social networks have insisted that these media firms are sluggish about closing accounts of people engaging in fake stories. Robert and other influential figures have been accused of working against efforts to vaccinate citizens.

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